Real-Time Imaging of the Axonal Transport of Granules Containing a Tissue Plasminogen Activator/Green Fluorescent Protein Hybrid.

J.E. Lochner, M. Kingma, S. Kuhn, C.D. Meliza, B. Cutler, B.A. Scalettar

Lewis & Clark College


Movie 1
(Quicktime Movie, 3MB)

Movie 1. This movie shows secretory granules exhibiting a spectrum of axonal transport behaviors. The majority of granules move toward the growth cone, but some move away from the growth cone. There are also some granules that reverse direction, move intermittently, or stall. In this neurite, there is a partial build up of granules in the growth cone; this build up would have become more extensive with time due to the net anterograde granule flux.


Movie 2
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Movie 2. This movie shows a neurite in which many granules were stalled, but in which a few granules moved in the anterograde direction at a speed of several microns per second. One example of a fast moving granule is shown here. Because the exposures were relatively long, this fast-moving granule creates long streaks as it moves down the neurite.

Movie 3
(Quicktime Movie, 2MB)

Movie 3. This movie shows one granule undergoing a long, unidirectional retrograde excursion and eventually exiting the neurite. This granule is initially located slightly to the left of the bend in the neurite and moves to the right (retrograde) at a speed of a few tenths of a micron per second.


These movies, and others like it, were created using a computer by Silicon Graphics and microscopy by Applied Precision Inc.

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