Front Page Winter 2004 Chronicle Flora and Fauna of the Expedition

Meriwether Lewis and William Clark encountered these native plants and trees on their journey west.

The College plans to include some of the flora cataloged by the Corps of Discovery in the reconstituted Tree Walk in honor of Evan Williams (see related story).

Western Bracken Fern
January 22, 1806

Beautiful Clarkia
June 1, 1806

Ponderosa Pine
October 1, 1805

Sitka Spruce
February 4, 1806

Nootka Rose
June 10,1806

Oregon Grape
April 11, 1806

Western Larch
September 14, 1806

Black Cottonwood
June 1806

Vine Maple
October 1805

Western Wake-Robin
April 10, 1806

June 23, 1806

July 1, 1806
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