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James "Jake" Metcalfe J.D. '90 and Moira Smith, June 2, 2007.

Daniel Satterlee B.A. '02 and Stacey Katseanes, May 26, 2007.

Lezlie Spetz Chase B.A. '03 and Ryan Douglas Chase, March 10, 2007. Kellie Holloway B.A. '05 attended.

Michal Dvir B.A. '04 and Andy Marshall B.A. '05, May 27, 2007. Celia Watson B.A. '04, Cory Benton B.A. '05, James Atkin B.A. '06, Charlie Blackmar B.A. '06, Shannon Brady B.A. '06, Elana Guiney B.A. '06, and Katie Rewick B.A. '06 joined in the celebration.

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