Mail Form Utility

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This utility makes it easy to generate a form - whose content is e-mailed back to you. The form can include most basic form-field types, including: one-line text boxes, larger text comment areas, checkboxes, radio button menus, and pull-down selection menus.

How does it work?

First, you'll set up the basic routing info for your form. Input the e-mail address to which the form results should be mailed. Also, you can optionally include the URL of a "thank you" page that will be returned to the user.

Second, you'll create your first form field. For each form field, there are a number of things the utility needs to know:

  • Field Text: This is the label for your form field, like "What is your first name?"
  • Field Variable Name: This is the variable name that will be listed in the response email, like "firstname".
  • Field Type: Select what sort of form field you're setting up: text box, text area, checkbox, radio button menu, pull-down menu.
  • Pull-down/Radio Menu Options: For pull-down and radio menus only, enter the various options available to the user, like "Oregon, Washington, California". Be sure to include each option on a separate line.

Third, either add more form fields - or just select NEXT to preview your form. If you add fields, just repeat the above.

Fourth, when you've stopped adding fields, the utility will display a preview of your form - and the required HTML for your form. If the form isn't right, just hit BACK and fix it.

Fifth, if the form is right, just highlight all of the HTML - and COPY it to the clipboard.

Sixth, return to your Trillium page, add a block of HTML, and paste the form into place.

Ready to go? Click here to start building a form.

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