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Catalog 2009-10
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Enrollment, Fall 2008
College of Arts and Sciences: 1,921
78 visiting/nondegree students
Also enrolled at Lewis & Clark:
Graduate School of Education and Counseling: 830
School of Law: 736

Geographic Distribution, Fall 2008
(College of Arts and Sciences)

24% California
16% Oregon
10% Washington
10% Midwest
9% Northeast
9% International students
8% Mountain States
8% Southwest
3% Alaska/Hawaii
3% Southeast
1% U.S. students abroad
States represented: 46
Countries represented: 58

First-Year Class, 2009-10: Class of 2013
5,335 students applied
64% admitted
510 students expected to enroll*
79% in top quarter of graduating class
21% U.S. students of color
7% international citizens
Ranges for middle 50% of class:

  • GPA 3.6-4.0
  • SAT 1830-2050
  • SAT 1230-1370 (CR+M only)
  • ACT 27-30

* In addition, approximately 60 transfer students enroll each year.

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