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Catalog 2009-10
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BIO 141 Investigations in Ecology and Environmental Science

Bierzychudek, Clifton, Kennedy
Content: An introduction to principles underlying the distribution and abundance of species. Examination of how these principles can inform understanding of issues like overpopulation, climate change, invasive species, pollution, species extinction. Introduction to the methods of scientific investigation through laboratory and field studies that describe ecological phenomena and test hypotheses. Lecture and laboratory.
Note: This course is part of the biology departmentís core curriculum and is intended for biology majors, potential biology majors, and environmental studies majors. The curriculum is challenging and requires a significant time commitment. Therefore, nonmajors are encouraged to fulfill their general education requirements by enrolling in one of the perspectives courses in the natural sciences.
Prerequisite: Mathematics 055.
Taught: Annually, 5 semester credits.

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